E-assessment literature review

The National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Futurelab produce periodic literature reviews on education and technology. One of the more recent reports looks at e-assessment. (A pdf version is available here.) It’s a little UK-centric, but a jolly good read all the same, especially as ‘open web’ examinations get an honourable mention. A short critique of the report is also available at elearning-reviews.org.

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2 comments on “E-assessment literature review
  1. e-Assessment Lit Review

    I saw this literature review on e-assessment pointed to by Jeremy Williams (The Authentic Assessment Website), and thought I’d better mark this one down. I love Jeremy’s description; he calls it “… little UK-centric, but a jolly good read all the sam…

  2. Frank Lorne says:

    Open-Web exams “allow the examiner to set a broader range of questions, because students are not expected to retain all the relevant information in memory.”
    Definitely a better way to test analytical and organization skill than memory skill.

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