Pedagogy 2.0: ICTs and Disruptive Innovation

This is an excerpt from a presentation I gave last month at the EDGE Forum 2011: Shaping the Future of Indian Higher Education, ICT: The Catalyst for Next Generation Learning Environments in Education, at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi. It certainly seemed to provoke a lot of discussion afterwards which was very pleasing. Most importantly, the widely held view — with very few dissenting voices — was that India is ready for this kind of paradigm shift in thinking. Furthermore, given ICTs are so readily embraced and a key platform for the country’s economic development, there should be fewer obstacles to the adoption of Pedagogy 2.0 in India compared to other countries where the old paradigm may be more entrenched.

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One comment on “Pedagogy 2.0: ICTs and Disruptive Innovation
  1. Great presentation! Yes your diagram ‘Old Paradigm’ and ‘New Paradigm’ is right on the money. Yes I also agree the all to common idea that e-Learning is just school but online is missing the point this is why those sleeping students are not necessarily just in the class but often on the other side of a screen if the e-Learning design is poor. Hope you don’t mind have favored your clip and put it as the opening clip on my youtube channel

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