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Whither the university learning management system?

Most educators would agree that it is important for pedagogy to guide decisions about technology and not the other way around, and yet there is relatively little debate in academic circles about the limiting effects of the LMS. Why is

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Getting my head around cPanel

So I sat through a recording of the second ‘call-in show’ for Connected Courses last night. This was the one I was waiting for to be honest. I am a fairly proficient WordPress user (albeit a dotcommer rather than a

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Nude emperors

So I signed up for Connected Courses. It may reboot one of my blogs — if nothing else — which have become increasingly┬áneglected as I have become more of a microblogger these days. Amazingly, I just sat and watched a

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Connected Courses

This looks like it might be fun. (Will I stick it out?)

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The internal marketing of participatory pedagogy

I was invited to give a presentation to new students and alumni of the Griffith University MBA last night on the future of higher education. I routinely talk about this topic with my colleagues but far less so with the

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Those who teach, can

In this presentation, I argue that of all the elements within a university, the business school ought to be best placed to insulate itself from technology-driven disruptive innovation. After all, business academics write books and journal articles about how it

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