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Why just ticking over is no longer an option

A number of metaphors have been used to describe the momentous change foreshadowed for the higher education sector. ‘Paradigm shift’ is quite conventional, but ‘disruptive innovation’has become quite fashionable as Clayton Christensen’s theory has been applied to higher education. ‘Tsunami’

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How to promote digital literacies among faculty

In the recently published NMC Horizon Project Regional Analysis, Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-18, it stated (p.3) that (shock, horror) there is a need for more faculty training to improve digital media literacy ‘before being asked to teach,

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The embedded biases within the LMS and the impact on learning

After almost a decade away in the corporate world, I don’t think I could have picked a better time to┬áreturn to mainstream academia. Universities are changing — largely because of external pressures it must be said — and I can

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Digital Native: Fact or Fallacy?

Image source: Poor old Marc Prensky has come in for a bit of a bashing lately, and unjustifiably so in my opinion. First of all, he first used the digital native-digital immigrant typology 10 years ago. If one were

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Cognitive surplus and participatory pedagogy

Clay Shirky’s notion of cognitive surplus holds a lot of appeal and I think it provides a solid theoretical rationale for educational models that embrace a participatory pedagogy. We are told by the marketing gurus that in the connected, socially-mediated

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Why it makes sense to invest in girls’ education

There is a well established academic literature presenting the case for investing in adolescent girls as a vehicle for social and economic progress. Anyone who has read Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea or Stones into Schools will also need

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Time to dispense with the ‘fast food’ model of education

Compelling viewing ( … and thankfully no reference to the Paul McCartney example which is wearing a little thin). Do what you love to do, says Robinson, as education has to feed the spirit. A standardised model of education that

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