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Time to dispense with the ‘fast food’ model of education

Compelling viewing ( … and thankfully no reference to the Paul McCartney example which is wearing a little thin). Do what you love to do, says Robinson, as education has to feed the spirit. A standardised model of education that

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Online conference on assessment in the digital age

Came across an ad for this conference today on the IFETS listserv. Looks like it will be interesting if the keynotes are anything to go by. It is being organised in conjunction with the Re-engineering Assessment Practices (REAP) project, a

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Free trade between the US and Australia

This example assessment item includes audio links (using RealOne Player). It focuses on the deliberations over the proposed free trade agreement between the United States and Australia.

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Analysing the world market for coffee

Here is an example of an open-book, open-web, final assessment used in an MBA macroeconomics subject. Note that some links are not accessible to the public as they require a student login to a university library database.

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