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How social media is being used in education

The striking thing about this infographic is not just the stunning penetration of Twitter, but also LinkedIn. It is also interesting that the bastion of tradition in the US higher education sector, Harvard University, has the greatest reach in terms

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Occupy Education

I’ve been monitoring the nascent Occupy Education movement with interest over the last couple of weeks, not least because there are so many dimensions to it. The complexity of it all has been addressed far more coherently than I ever

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MBA via FB

The sceptical amongst us will no doubt look upon the Facebook-delivered MBA by the London School of Business and Finance as a gimmick. This may be the case, but 12000+ hits in just over a month it is hard to

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The impact of the prohibition of social networking in schools

Image source: Slate ran a piece by Nicholas Bramble last month arguing the case for a more liberal approach to the use of social networking tools in educational institutions, specifically those in the the K-12 space. The article makes

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