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The adoption of digital pedagogies in Singapore

I have blogged about Singapore’s FutureSchools projects in the past, and this latest clip from Edutopia would seem to indicate that serious progress is being made. The true success of this initiative, of course, will be the extent to which

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It’s the pedagogy, stupid!

Image source: There was a nice piece on digital schools in the NYT the other day that extols the virtues of differentiated learning, or what might be described as the personalised curriculum. The key message is that using laptops

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Education’s Internet moment is now

Having mucked around with computers in education for almost two decades, from something we used to call computer based teaching (CBT) to what commonly became known as ‘e-learning’, I am confident that, today, the use of ICTs in education is

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Did You Know 4.0 and the implications for education

The Did You Know video received an official update in October 2009 (there are impostors) and, once again, it includes some mind boggling facts and figures on converging technologies and the changing media landscape. There is no direct reference made

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Beyond standardised testing

This video clip from runs for about 8 1/2 minutes. It puts forward the case that students are ‘over-tested and under-examined’. It includes commentary from Grant Wiggins and Howard Gardner (among others).

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The authentic assessment toolbox

A useful resource on authentic assessment has been developed by Jon Mueller of North Central College. The Authentic Assessment Toolbox web site won one of the 2004 Merlot Classics awards, and deservedly so. The focus is on the secondary education

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