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Why standardised testing should not be the dominant culture in education

Ken Robinson outlines three important principles to be adhered to if learning is to flourish in educational institutions — cater for¬†diversity, ¬†nurture curiosity, and encourage creativity.¬†Unfortunately, many education systems are characterised by conformity, standardisation, and compliance. Testing has a lot

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Creativity, Learning and the Curriculum

It was S.T. Coleridge who made the observation that ‘the willing suspension of disbelief’ is required for the enjoyment of poetry, novels and the dramatic arts — I also believe this is a requirement in education where role play takes

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Why so many kids don’t like school

A brilliant animation based on a longer speech, Changing Paradigms, by Sir Ken Robinson at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in June 2008. I particularly appreciate Robinson’s reference to ADHD, which I have long suspected is a new word

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Time to dispense with the ‘fast food’ model of education

Compelling viewing ( … and thankfully no reference to the Paul McCartney example which is wearing a little thin). Do what you love to do, says Robinson, as education has to feed the spirit. A standardised model of education that

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Do schools stifle creativity?

Source:, 29 January 2009 Ken Robinson argues that the very same social and economic structures that are slowly destroying the planet’s natural resources, also explain the crisis in human resources. The intellectual foundations of the thinking behind the industrial

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