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How to promote digital literacies among faculty

In the recently published NMC Horizon Project Regional Analysis, Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-18, it stated (p.3) that (shock, horror) there is a need for more faculty training to improve digital media literacy ‘before being asked to teach,

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Beyond critical thinking

Michael Wesch of A Vision of Students Today fame gave a TEDx talk last year that I revisited the other day when I found myself (frustratingly) having to justify the case for authentic assessment. “But they’ll cheat won’t they?” is

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OBOW exams at Wharton

This blog was pointed out me recently by Wing Lam which shows that OBOW-type exams are not something exclusive to U21Global.

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OBOW design principles

I gave a seminar today at U21G on OBOW (open book, open-web) examination design principles. The ppt file is pretty large (7.55MB), so I have also saved it in pdf format (still big at 2.51MB!). The main purpose of this

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Creating open book open web exams

I presented a paper on a methodology for authoring open book open web exams recently at the 2004 ASCILITE conference in Perth. A pdf version of my PowerPoint slides is available here.

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Final exams – a manifesto for change

Click here to download a 15 slide PowerPoint presentation that puts forward the case for the abandonment of unrealistically timed, closed-book, invigilated, final examinations.

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Free trade between the US and Australia

This example assessment item includes audio links (using RealOne Player). It focuses on the deliberations over the proposed free trade agreement between the United States and Australia.

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