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Why standardised testing should not be the dominant culture in education

Ken Robinson outlines three important principles to be adhered to if learning is to flourish in educational institutions — cater for¬†diversity, ¬†nurture curiosity, and encourage creativity.¬†Unfortunately, many education systems are characterised by conformity, standardisation, and compliance. Testing has a lot

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The Five Minute University

This classic clip from a Father Guido Sarducci stand up routine was shown a couple of times as a conference I attended recently. Unfortunately, this caricature of the extent and depth of learning at university is not too far from

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India’s chalk and talk problem

Image source: There was an interesting piece in the The Chronicle of Higher Education earlier this month entitled India’s Company Classrooms Challenge ‘Chalk and Talk’ Colleges. The reason it is interesting, is that I’m not entirely sure the corporate

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Education needs pull not push

A very persuasive presentation from Charles Leadbeater on how social entrepreneurs are setting up schools in slum areas around the world that have pulling power because there is some extrinsic motivation to attend, namely an immediate pay-off in terms of

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Beyond standardised testing

This video clip from runs for about 8 1/2 minutes. It puts forward the case that students are ‘over-tested and under-examined’. It includes commentary from Grant Wiggins and Howard Gardner (among others).

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