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How to promote digital literacies among faculty

In the recently published NMC Horizon Project Regional Analysis, Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-18, it stated (p.3) that (shock, horror) there is a need for more faculty training to improve digital media literacy ‘before being asked to teach,

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It’s the pedagogy, stupid!

Image source: There was a nice piece on digital schools in the NYT the other day that extols the virtues of differentiated learning, or what might be described as the personalised curriculum. The key message is that using laptops

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The next generation digital book

Now here is a clever young bloke. Mike Matas — through his company Push Pop Press — has just launched a full-length interactive book for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that includes swipeable video and graphics and some of

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Did You Know 4.0 and the implications for education

The Did You Know video received an official update in October 2009 (there are impostors) and, once again, it includes some mind boggling facts and figures on converging technologies and the changing media landscape. There is no direct reference made

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Professor apologises for failure of system

Nice ad from Kaplan University. There is another equally powerful message here. This is a true sign that online learning is coming of age. For too long, online institutions have been apologising for not being the ‘real thing’. For digital

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The twittering classroom

An excellent video clip (5:18) that reports on an experiment using Twitter in the classroom by Dr. Monica Rankin, a professor of History at UT Dallas. It seems to be a good way of engaging students but, more importantly, of

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Participatory pedagogy

Image source: Just came across a reference in my Twitter-Using Educators LinkedIn group to an article published in the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago entitled: Embracing the Twitter Classroom. Authored by Jessica Gross, it includes some interesting

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