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Those who teach, can

In this presentation, I argue that of all the elements within a university, the business school ought to be best placed to insulate itself from technology-driven disruptive innovation. After all, business academics write books and journal articles about how it

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Let the mainstreaming begin

There was a piece in Inside Higher Ed the other day, State Systems Go MOOC, that reported on ten state system universities in the United States signing up with Coursera to conduct several pilot projects with various goals. Reading the comments

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Why the Georgia Tech-Udacity tie up is a big deal

When the news broke last week that Georgia Tech had reached an agreement with Udacity and AT&T to offer a Master of Science degree in computer science for just USD7000, this must have sent shivers down the spines of university

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The open education movement: What does it mean for your institution?

Image source: I came across a nice post (via @catspyjamasnz) today that gathers together some of the themes I have been blogging about in recent weeks. Roland Sussex succinctly defines ‘open education’ and then goes on to contextualise what

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