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Whither the university learning management system?

LMSMost educators would agree that it is important for pedagogy to guide decisions about technology and not the other way around, and yet there is relatively little debate in academic circles about the limiting effects of the LMS.

Why is this?

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Getting my head around cPanel

Computer nerd

So I sat through a recording of the second ‘call-in show’ for Connected Courses last night.

This was the one I was waiting for to be honest. I am a fairly proficient WordPress user (albeit a dotcommer rather than a dotorger), and much of the first half of the show that focused on the functionality of WordPress I was comfortable with. The critical information I’m after is how to set up the ‘mother ship’ — so to speak — so that I can create courses in a Levinesque way with Groomlike confidence.

I dug deep into my inner nerd, and clung to their every syllable, pausing and rewinding on a number of occasions, but I still haven’t quite cracked it.

If any of you #ccourses folk out there can help plug gaps and provide sage advice, it would be much appreciated.

So here’s what I know …

  1. I know I need a web host. I used to have one for my website years ago, but then I found WordPress could do everything and more, so I simply pointed my domain name at
  2. Once I have got myself some space with a web host, I think I then need to go to and do an installation.
  3. I think I also need to choose a web host that has a cPanel licence

Equipped with this basic infrastructure, I think I can then go and tinker and experiment and see what comes out the other end.

Any major oversights here? Some hot tips perhaps from @jimgroom or @cogdog ?

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Nude emperors

So I signed up for Connected Courses.

It may reboot one of my blogs — if nothing else — which have become increasingly neglected as I have become more of a microblogger these days.

Amazingly, I just sat and watched a YouTube without shuffling in my seat for one hour and six minutes courtesy of Jim Groom, Howard Rheingold, and Alan Levine. (I even smiled at their blokey in-jokes.) Seriously, though, these guys need to be taken seriously. I will stick this course out if it kills me because there has to be more to life as a university learner than the ‘LMS’, and I’m confident these guys have the answers.

If I can learn how to deliver high quality courses in an engaging, creative and inexpensive way, that frees my institution of the albatross around its neck that is BlackBoard, I will be one happy little vegemite. There is no doubt in my mind that the LMS has become an anachronism, but to hint that the emperor is wearing no clothes — at this stage, anyway — is unlikely to win any popularity contest.

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Connected Courses

This looks like it might be fun.

(Will I stick it out?)

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